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Backend Master Class [Golang + PostgreSQL + Kubernetes]


Working with database

Design DB schema and generate SQL code with dbdiagram.io

Install & use Docker + Postgres + TablePlus to create DB schema

How to write & run database migration in Golang

Generate CRUD Golang code from SQL | Compare db/sql, gorm, sqlx & sqlc

Write unit tests for database CRUD with random data in Golang

A clean way to implement database transaction in Golang

DB transaction lock & How to handle deadlock in Golang

How to avoid deadlock in DB transaction? Queries order matters!

Deeply understand transaction isolation levels & read phenomena

Setup Github Actions for Golang + Postgres to run automated tests


Implement RESTful HTTP API in Go using Gin

Load config from file & environment variables in Go with Viper

Mock DB for testing HTTP API in Go and achieve 100% coverage

Implement transfer money API with a custom params validator

Add users table with unique & foreign key constraints in PostgreSQL

How to handle DB errors in Golang correctly

How to securely store passwords? Hash password in Go with Bcrypt!

How to write stronger unit tests with a custom gomock matcher

Why PASETO is better than JWT for token-based authentication?

How to create and verify JWT & PASETO token in Golang

Implement login user API that returns PASETO or JWT access token in Go

Implement authentication middleware and authorization rules in Golang using Gin

Deploying the application to production

How to build a small Golang Docker image with a multistage Dockerfile

How to use docker network to connect 2 stand-alone containers

How to write docker-compose file and control service start-up orders

How to create a free-tier AWS account

Auto build & push docker image to AWS ECR with Github Actions

How to create a production database on AWS RDS

Store & retrieve production secrets with AWS secrets manager

Kubernetes architecture & How to create an EKS cluster on AWS

How to use kubectl & k9s to connect to a kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS

How to deploy a web app to Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS

Register a domain & set up A-record using Route53

How to use Ingress to route traffics to different services in Kubernetes

Auto issue & renew TLS certificates with cert-manager and Let’s Encrypt

Automatic deploy to Kubernetes with Github Action

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