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Corporate Finance #2 Financial Ratios

Learn financial ratios from a corporate finance perspective from a Certified Public ...
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Managing People From Different Cultures in Export Business

Simple cultural training & sensitization to deal with business people from various ...
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Podcasting Mastery 2022

How to start your own podcast to stay in touch with your audience and discover a large ...
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Business Analysis Masterclass (5 courses in 1)

All the skills you need for Business Analyst career track. Tableau, Python, Excel, SQL, ...
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Management Consulting Guide 2022: McKinsey, BCG or PwC!? :-)

Do you REALLY want to become a consultant? Test your dreams & understand what ...
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A Guide on Writing Business Plan

Create a Successful Business Plan, and Lead the Market, just Follow the Expert advice ...
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Complete Guide to eBay Selling as a Business

Learn how to Build and Grow your eBay Business for Dropship or Merchant Fulfilled ...
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Business Fundamentals & Questions to Answer Before Launching

Business Fundamentals - Business Strategy - 36 Fundamental Questions You Must Ask and ...
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31 Startup Business Model : Best Course for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to build next billion dollar innovative business model 31 Startup Business ...
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Digital Transformation and Business Technologies Emergence

Digital Transformation Evolution: Business Process Transformation, e-Business Models, IT ...
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Budgeting and Forecasting Best Practices during Uncertainty

Best practices to incorporate uncertainty in financial planning and budgeting process ...
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Write Better Email: Technics for Clever communication

How to improve your email writing skills to save time & optimize your business ...

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