Blackberry 10 Development: Learn by making native apps is the most complete Blackberry 10 course on Udemy. Starting from scratch, you will learn how to make stunning apps for this platform.

You will be introduce to programming 3 languages: QML, C++ and Javascript

Looking for a course to start Blackberry Development, you will be pleased with what this course has to offer.

The Curriculum includes:

  • Blackberry ID creation
  • Environment setup
  • Momentic IDE
  • QML
  • Javascript in QML
  • Buttons, Text, Images
  • Layouts and views
  • Navigation
  • C++ and QML integration
  • Data storage and persistence
  • Audio, video and camera
  • Sensors
  • Localization
  • App submission

We will start with the basics. Setting up you environment, device and simulator and building a simple app.

We will then move to learning QML and see how Javascript is integrated. We will cover the UI elements such as buttons, text, etc.

Then we will see the navigation in an Blackberry app before going to the heavy stuff, namely C++ integration.

We will progress to more advanced features such as data storage, audio & video and device sensors.

You will get plenty of knowledge from this course. Come on and join!