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Data Science Real-World Use Cases

Introduction to this course

Introduction to this course & Course Benefits

Installation of Anaconda Navigator

Quick Summary of Jupyter Notebook

How to follow this course-Must Watch

Project 1–>> Predict success of a Zomato Restaurant using Machine Learning

Datasets & Resources

Understand your data

Perform Data Cleaning on your data

Analysing your categories of Restaurants

Perform Restaurant Overview Analysis

Perform In-Depth Analysis of Restaurant

Analysing Best budget Restaurants

Perform Geographical analysis on data..

Analysing Customer Behaviour using WordCloud

Analysing Reviews of Restaurant…

What is Imbalance Data & how to handle it??

How to Prepare your data for Machine Learning

Perform Feature Importance on data

How to came across with your missing values in data..

Perform Feature encoding on your data.

Apply Feature Encoding & Prepare your data for Modelling

Intuition Behind Random Forest Part-1

Intuition Behind Random Forest Part-2

Apply Random Forest algorithm on data.

Intuition behind Logistic Regression –part 1

Intuition behind Logistic Regression –part 2

Intuition Behind Naive Bayes-Part 1

How Naive Bayes works with Text Data..

Intuition Behind Decision Tree- Part 1

Intuition Behind Decision Tree- Part 2

Intuition Behind Decision Tree- Part 3

Intuition Behind Decision Tree- Part 4

Intuition Behind Decision Tree- Part 5

Intuition Behind Decision Tree- Part 6

Project 2–>> Predict whether News is Fake or not ( NLP Use-case)

Datasets & Resources

Understand your data

How to Perform Stemming on your data

Intuition behind Bag of Words

Applying Bag of words on data..

Apply Naive Bayes on data..

Analyse your data & Playing with More algorithms

Project 3–>> Predict sales of a Product ( Time Series Use-case)

Datasets & Resources

Perform Data Cleaning on Time Series Data..

Checking Stationary Trend in Data

How to make your Data Stationary ?

Intuition behind ARIMA –part 1

Intuition behind MA model –ARIMA part 2

Intuition behind AR model — ARIMA part 3

Intuition behind Integrating — ARIMA part 4

Apply ARIMA Algorithm on data..

Applying SARIMAX Algorithm on data

Doing Predictions on Future date..

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