ETL Testing: Learning RoadMap How to become a ETL Tester


DW/BI/ETL Testing Training Course is designed for both entry-level and advanced software Manual testers. The course includes topics related to the foundation of Data Warehouse with the concepts,  Database Testing Vs Data Warehouse Testing, Data Warehouse Workflow, How to perform ETL Testing, ETL Testing Basic Concepts,  Data Checks using SQL, Scope of BI/ETL  testing and as a bonus you will also get the steps to run SQL Queries, ETL tools Scope specified in details for data manipulation, data cleaning, Data Transformation industry best practices.

In this course you will learn the complete RoadMap what you need to learn to become a ETL Tester. Lots of People perform ETL Data validations with the help of Mapping sheets or simply perform data migration testing. But in ETL you can now perform without manual testing effort if you knows about Ms. Excel Advance features like conditional formatting, Power Query, Power BI, SQL Advance level. Then ETL Field is waiting for you.

In this course following below topics covered with Real time examples:

1. Introduction to Data warehouse

2. Introduction to Power Query

3. RoadMap how to become a ETL Testers

4. How much time requires to become a ETL Tester

5. Tools & Techniques how to become a ETL Tester

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