how to write and read arabic alphabet

Welcome to the shortes  and practical courses in udemy , in this course you will learn deeper the arabic alphabet and with the right way , in five parts :

  1. listenning and understanding

  2. write and read them

  3. how to position letters

  4. how to connecting them

  5. learn the short and long vowels

  • part 01 : we have lesson of listening and understanding : it’s about how you can introduce yourself to other  …

  • part 02 : you will learn how to write the arabic alphabet from scratch. we have 28 letters in 6 lessons

  • part 03 : after we learn how to write and read the alphabet , it’s the time to know how to position letters in any word of arabic language..

  • part 04 : in this part we will learn how to connecting letters in the words, this part is so important in arabic language

  • part 05 : after you learned this part , you will be able to read any word and any sentence.

    after all this parts you can read and write easily the arabic words, and you are ready for learn the advanced arabic language with solid base.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are seeking to learn new language, who are thirsty for more knowledge and experience?

  • Want to work in any Arabic country such as United Arab of Emirates, Qatar, or Egypt for example? You are in the right place then

  • Whoever wants to learn Arabic language / Modern Standard Arabic

  • Whoever is working in an Arab speaking country

  • Whoever have passion to continue learning this language

  • Add a new skill!

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