Mastering Visual Studio Code

Boost your productivity with Visual Studio Code, the best code editor of the moment!

Mastering Visual Studio Code Boost your productivity with Visual Studio Code, the best code editor of the moment!
Mastering Visual Studio Code Boost your productivity with Visual Studio Code, the best code editor of the moment!

What you’ll learnInstall and configure VSCodeExplore the UI of VSCodeLinting, refactoring, intellisenseVSCode advanced debugging techniquesUse Visual Studio for web designRemote SSH with VSCodeDevelop inside a Docker containerVSCode extensions for frameworks (React, Vue, Angular)Source control inside the code editorMarkdown and JSDocPython in VSCodeJava in VSCodeC++ and C# in VSCodeTop companies offer this course to their employeesThis course was selected for our collection of top-rated courses trusted by businesses worldwide. Learn moreNasdaqVolkswagenBoxNetflixEventbriteDescriptionIn just 3 years, Visual Studio Code became the number 1 tool any programmer should use.
Even if you need a simple code editor, or a complex IDE, with rich features like refactoring, linting or debugger, VSCode is the tool you need.
Why use one tool for your HTML and CSS, one for your back-end development and another one for course control, when you can have everything you need in one single, fast and beautiful program: Visual Studio Code.
Welcome to my Mastering Visual Studio Code course, where you will learn everything you need about this awesome tool!
VSCode features and topics covered:
Installation and setup
VSCode interface guide
Command palette, key shortcuts, multi-cursor
VSCode extensions
Advanced debugging techniques
Use VSCode for web development: HTML, CSS and JS
Connect from VSCode with remote SSH
Use Docker and develop inside a container
Understand Markdown and JSDoc
VSCode for Python development
Create Java projects with VSCode
Use VS Code for C++ and C#
Build a VSCode extension with a data service using TypeScript
Master great extensions, like live share, Git lens, Code Runner, Remote Development and many more
Visual Studio Code tips and tricks
Run VSCode inside the browser
History of VSCode
You can practice VS Code with your own JavaScript/TypeScript project, or use the one provided by the instructor. The objective here is to help you understand deeply how VSCode works and how you can use it.
This course stands out with many advantages and highlights:
Demanded topic – Visual Studio Code is the number one development tool of the moment
Updated content – completely updated for 2021
Concise content with respect for your time – most of the typing and idle times are cut. The course focuses on explanations
Beyond the basics structure: Visual Studio Code has great and up to date documentation. This course doesn’t just walk you through it, instead it focuses on the difficult or weird parts, where you actually need guidance
Experienced and programming active instructor: a great teacher never looses touch with the industry. This is especially true for software development, where the industry is so dynamic. This helps the instructor stay up to date with the best coding guidelines and present you the challenging parts, not the “hello world”
Great visuals – dark background, big font, 1080p resolution
Certificate of completion
Enroll and unlock the key to great productivity, no matter what technology you develop!

Who this course is for:Web programmers and designers who want to use the best code editorExperienced Python, Java or C++ programmers who want to switch to VSCode

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